Hand Cut Collage / 2017

Koywe Kollage is a collection of one-of-a-kind analogue creative pieces that focuses its attention on the search for artistic expression through paper.

Having a chameleonic distortion allowed me to freely create a new reality based on the material proposed by another being with a totally distant vision.

What has already been printed have to be changed and that’s why the images have to be destroyed to feed the creative process. I do it without hesitation, taking the risk of ruining a great shot or losing the opportunity to combine it in the future with a better image. I don’t regret it. I commit. I continue until I find the right composition.

I like to follow my own one important rule: feel the vibration of my hands cutting the paper, telling me where to go, what to cut, how to paste and when to stop.

All works are unique hand cut pieces that are precisely glued forever.

Cut, glue, cut, glue, cut, glue, …